Hello and welcome! This is my first post on my second Mom blog. I had written¬†another blog on a free blogging website after my first child was born in an attempt to make his incessant crying seem funny so that I didn’t go completely insane.

It worked, to a degree, and I kept up with it for a few years through the birth of my second child. As time went on, it became abundantly clear to me that writing about my life as a Mom, while therapeutic, was simply becoming too difficult. With two small children running around, I felt that putting together sentences that were not only coherent, but at the same time humorous, was a little much to ask of my brain. Also, the only person reading the blog was my Mom.

When I created my first blog, I had no idea what I was doing (and I still don’t). The world of blogging was very new to me, and I’m pretty sure I had just learned what the word “blog” even meant. To this day, I still feel a little awkward saying it out loud. It feels like I’ve forgotten what I’m talking about in the middle of my sentence and I just trail off, ending with half of a word because I’ve lost interest in what I was saying, hoping that whoever I’m talking to feels the same way and has stopped listening.

In any case, I haven’t stopped writing, and with my youngest heading off to kindergarten in a month, I’m giving it another go.

But enough about me. This blog isn’t about me as an individual who has my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions! This is about me as a Mom. So read, laugh, don’t take me too seriously, and enjoy!

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