school-bus-1368136904lVvIt is finally here. Today, for the first time, I am putting both of my children on a bus and sending them off to school for the better part of the day, leaving me to do…. well, something, I’d imagine. When I stop and think about it, it’s a little strange to think that after seven years of never being by myself for more than three hours (at the most), I will be completely and totally alone. I will be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

It’s almost like going away to college for the first time. Of course you’re sad to leave your parents, but then it dawns on you that they won’t be there to tell you to come back to your dorm room by 11pm, so you stay out as late as you want you.

And I will miss my kids greatly, and I will be sad to see them get on that bus and leave me for the day. But I’m hoping that I will quickly realize that they won’t be there all day to fight with each other, or refuse to get out of the car because the grocery store is “boring,” or whine and complain that they “didn’t want to go that that park,” or do any number of things that make my daily chores and errands take 10 times longer than they should.

So it’s hard to imagine having the whole day to myself for the first time after the better part of a decade, but I’m going to try. Here’s how I imagine my day will go:

After they head off to school, perhaps I’ll go for a brisk walk or light jog. Then I’ll take a nice, long, hot shower without anyone busting in the door to tell me something that’s completely irrelevant. Then I’ll start checking off things of my to-do list for the week, and I’ll probably get them all done in less than an hour.

After that, I might head down to the local beach, carting only one chair and one water bottle and one towel, and read a few chapters of that book I’ve been reading for the past year or two. Heck, I may even finish it! Then I’ll go home, refreshed, just in time to get the kids off the school bus and hear all about how wonderful their day was.

Of course, I realize that I will be lucky if I do any of these things, but just let me have this, if only for a few short hours. Now I have to make lunches, get my kids up and dressed, make breakfast, get them to eat breakfast in a timely manner, brush their teeth, make sure they have everything they need for school, and get them on the bus. I can do this.

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