I live in a college town. The older I get, the more the college students invading my roads and grocery stores and restaurants irritates me. If I have to walk past one more group of self-involved young women saying the word “literally” literally every five seconds, in between taking selfies and checking their Facebook news feeds, my head might figuratively explode.


They drive me nuts, but I know that I was once one of them. Of course when I was in college, it was during a wonderful time when the terms “social media” and “selfie” did not exist. Because of how quickly technology has transformed our everyday lives over the past decade, there are many aspects of college that are vastly different from when I went to school.

As a full-fledged grown-up living in a college town, I definitely do not long for the college life, and raising my kids in a college town makes me cherish the fact that I will not be the parent of an 18-year old for many years to come. It also makes me think about everything that has happened in my life since my years in college, especially the early years of being a mom.

Then I think about it a little too much and draw seemingly odd comparisons between college students and babies. Just bear with me though, because if you think about it, college students and babies have more in common than one might think, especially in this day and age.

  • Babies LOVE to look at themselves in the mirror, while college students LOVE to look at themselves on their phones.
  • Babies have no attention span and college students can’t go 10 seconds without looking at their Twitter or something.
  • A baby and a college student both seem to think that they are the only person on the planet that matters.
  • Both college students and babies speak in what seems to be a foreign language to the rest of us.

But I’d be willing to bet that many things in college are exactly the same as when I was in school. For example, when I was in college, I knew a LOT of people who smoked a LOT of pot. I’m sure the same applies today. A baby is also much like a young college student who has, perhaps, smoked a little too much pot in their day.*

  • They both laugh at the simplest of things, such as a face appearing from behind a blanket.
  • They eat ALL the time.
  • It is not uncommon for a baby to just lie on the floor staring at their hand in front of their face, slowly moving it back and forth.
  • When babies look at new things and babble something like, “Baooh naeeeha annaoooh!” I imagine that it would roughly translate into a stoned college student saying, “Dude…. that is SO cool!”

The funny part is, I can relate much better to a 6-month old than I can relate to the youth of today, whether they smoke “the pot” or not.

So, if your infant is obsessed with looking at their reflection, giggles at just about anything, babbles incessantly in strange tongues, appears to have the munchies, can’t focus on one thing for more than a few seconds, and is often found staring off into nothingness, don’t worry; that’s what they’re supposed to do. If, however, they are still doing those same things when they’re 18… well, you go ahead and worry all you you want.

*This author is in no way suggesting that her babies, or any babies, have smoked or should ever smoke pot.

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