When you become a Mom, you quickly learn that “everything” is all the time and “nothing” is never. If you’re a Mom, I feel like you don’t need more of an explanation than that, but here I go anyway.

There is never “no laundry”
Laundry is all the time. I’m not entirely sure what the ratio of clean laundry baskets to dirty laundry baskets in my house is, but it has got to be somewhere in the area of 1 to 50 million.







There are never “no problems”
Everything is always a problem. No matter what you do, or how hard you try, someone will have a problem with something.







There are never “no dishes to be washed” or “no meals to be made” or “no rooms to be cleaned.

The dirty dishes will seemingly reproduce in your sink overnight, your family will always have to eat, and you will seriously consider never cleaning again, because honestly, there will be no point.







And you had better get used to it. You will never get nothing. If you do foolishly decide that you are going to sit and “do nothing,” be aware that the “everything” will just pile up around you, waiting for you to do “something.” So when you’re “doing nothing,” all you think about is the “everything” and how you’ll have to deal with it when you’re done “doing nothing.”

This means that even in “doing nothing” you’re still “doing something.” Then you must have the inevitable inner struggle whether or not to stop “doing nothing” while the “everything” sits there, growing with each passing minute, taunting you.

So, you are forced to try and find the balance between the two. But in all likelihood, you’ll be too tired to bother. In the end, the “everything” will always win.

Being a Mom is fun.

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