first christmasI’m feeling a bit lazy this week, and perhaps a little nostalgic, so here’s a post I wrote for my previous blog about baby’s first Christmas after our first child was born.

He was only four months old, and as new parents, we were very excited for this momentous occasion. Shockingly, it didn’t go quite how a new parent might think. Enjoy!

Baby’s First Christmas

My husband and I were very much looking forward to our first Christmas with our first child. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but it went a little something like this.

6:00 am – Wake up to a hungry, screaming baby

6:01 am – Stumble out of bed, trip over hungry cat circling my feet

6:02 am – Feed hungry cat while hungry baby continues crying

6:03 am – Get to hungry baby and commence feeding

6:45 am – Finish feeding, change diaper

6:47 am – Hope and pray that baby wants to go back to sleep

7:15 am – Give up trying to make baby go back to sleep

7:16 am – Eat breakfast while baby rolls around on the floor

7:45 am – Clean up house so baby’s first Christmas pictures give the illusion that you are Super Mom

8:45 am – Get camera and baby ready to start opening presents

8:46 am – Realize that you’ve lost your window of “happy time” and it’s time for baby to eat again

8:47 am – Commence feeding

9:20 am – Finish feeding, change diaper, hurry up and get camera ready for present opening time

9:22 am – Sit baby in lap and open presents, narrating what they are and who they are from while husband video tapes

9:23 am – Crumple and throw used wrapping paper far away from you as baby has started grabbing it and shoving it into his mouth

9:28 am – Baby stops paying attention to you and finds spot on the ceiling more interesting

9:29 am – Wave colorful presents in front of baby’s face to get his attention

9:34 am – Baby grows tired of this nonsense and begins fussing

9:35 am – Hurry things along and open all presents before baby starts screaming

9:36 am – Open last present and quickly turn camera off just before baby’s crying fit begins

9:37 am – Calm baby down

9:45 am – Make baby play with new toys for more video footage and pictures to send to family members who bought said toys

9:50 am – Baby grows tired of toys and begins fussing again

9:51 am – Quickly turn camera off

9:52 am – Baby passes out for morning nap

9:53 am – Mommy and Daddy pass out for morning nap

And with that, baby’s first Christmas was over.

That was the first of many occasions I’ve experienced as a Mom that didn’t go how I had imagined.  I can’t even pinpoint how I did imagine it, but I know it wasn’t that. Since they were babies, my children have never reacted to things in the way I feel they should.

As a result, I have learned to go into almost every situation as a parent with little to no expectations. And also to take lots of pictures where it looks like everyone is having the time of their life and I look like Super Mom!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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