perspectiveToday, I’m going to take a little break from my normal fair. Don’t get me wrong, my kids still drive me nuts. They’re kids, so it’s kind of in their job description, and I will no doubt pay them back ten-fold by driving them nuts when they get older. But that’s not what this post is about.

I’m sure by this point, most people have heard of the little boy Dorian who has been made famous of late with the hashtag #DSTRONG. I first read about him just over a week ago and have since seen it on the news and all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. This little boy and his family have been going through such a tremendously heartbreaking and difficult time for years, and not 30 minutes away from where they are, I have been here, yelling at my son (who is almost the same age as Dorian) for not cleaning up his LEGOs or staying in bed or sharing with his sister.

Three nights ago, I went to a fundraiser for a little girl in our community who recently had a cancerous tumor removed from her stomach. She is doing well, and her outlook is good, although she still has a long road ahead of her. Again, she and her family have been going through all of this as I yell at my own daughter because she isn’t getting dressed fast enough or brushing her teeth when I ask her to.

As parents, and people, we have a habit of taking so much in our lives for granted. Seeing stories like these (especially so close to home) helps me put things in perspective. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the distractions of every day life. I’m not apologizing for it. It just makes me realize that soaking in every moment with your family is much easier said than done.

I don’t love their whining, or their fighting, or their refusal to listen to me. No one loves that! But the thing about kids, and life in general, is that in order to get all the good stuff, you have to take the annoying stuff. To me, that is way better than not having any of it at all. It’s my hope for myself and parents everywhere to keep that in mind during the next meltdown or fight, even if it’s only for a second.


Now, I will definitely not stop writing sarcastic posts and snarky quips about parenting, because laughing through all of the good and bad stuff is what keeps me a just hair above the line of insanity. But behind those sarcastic posts and snarky quips is a Mom who wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

My heart goes out to all the parents having to deal with even the prospect of losing a child, and I pray every day for Dorian and the little girl in my community, and their families.

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