When you become a Mom, taking care of sick kids is part of the deal and there is no avoiding it. Now, Moms are obviously people, so it only stands to reason that Moms get sick, too. But one thing that has always amazed me is how any times my kids have gotten sick and I’ve manage to avoid catching whatever illness they’ve brought home. It might be my overuse of Lysol and disinfectant wipes as described in my post about the dreaded stomach bug, but I think that’s only part of it.moms get sick

I think a great deal of it is mind-over-matter. I feel like there have been times where I have actually willed myself to stay healthy, because when Moms get sick, it is one of the worst things ever!

Before my kids were in school, I miraculously only got sick (because of them, naturally) a handful of times. When I did get sick, I believe that I was able to will my body to hold out until the weekend so that my husband was there to take care of the baths and the meals and the mess while I passed out on the couch for 13 hours.

After I woke up, I felt like a million bucks… until I looked around to see that they way my husband “took care of things” left the house looking like we had just been robbed, but not before the burglars took a bath, leaving puddles of water and wet towels all over the floor. Of course, the fact that he kept himself and the children alive was a blessing, so I didn’t complain.

Now that my kids are older, I actually prefer to get sick during the week. Although it presents its own challenges, at least I get to rest in complete silence while the kids are at school and the husband is at work, keeping the mess at a minimum. All I need to do is get the kids on the bus and I’m home free.

One of the “challenges” I mentioned before, however, is that getting them on the bus can only happen if I can get myself out of bed. I recently came down with a nasty stomach bug that prevented me from doing just that. In this case, I had to coach my husband (while writhing in pain on the couch) on what went in whose folder and who wanted what for lunch, then call a neighbor who graciously brought me some Gatorade and soup, then took the kids to her house and watched them until the bus came.

I know that some Moms might say that they would rather be sick than watch their kids fall ill, but when it comes to stomach bugs and the like, I’m torn. On the one hand, I know how awful they feel, and I don’t want them to have feel like that. On the other hand, I don’t want to feel like that either.

On another hand, they might throw up on me, and I don’t want that. On yet another hand, I really hate throwing up. On the fifth hand, if the kid is sick they sleep a lot, and the house is nice and quiet for a day or two. On the last hand, if I’m sick, then I get to sleep a lot.

I guess what I’m saying is, when Moms get sick, it’s awful. And when kids get sick, it’s just as awful. It’s just one of those lose-lose situations. All you can do is push your way through knowing that Springtime will be here soon, and you can put all these Winter-related maladies behind you.

Until next year.

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