springAh, Spring! It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

I have lived in the northeastern United States since I was born, so the cold and snow of Winter is nothing new to me. It’s all I’ve ever known (except for three glorious Winters I spent in the warm sunshine of Florida). I didn’t mind the Winter as a kid; snow days, making snow angels and snowmen, sipping hot cocoa. It was great.

But by the time Winter was over, I was more than ready for Spring, and I welcomed it with open arms. I just loved that smell. You know the one. The smell of Springtime. It can be compared to nothing, because there is nothing else like it. I remember how wonderful it was to finally be able to go outside without that bulky coat, itchy hat, or clunky boots. I felt so free!

I still love the Spring. It just feels a little different to me now that I’m an adult. I can’t tell if it’s because children seem to be impervious to the cold, thinking that anything above 45 degrees is cause to shed their winter clothing. All I know is that I still need to put on multiple layers well into April (sometimes even May) in order to be comfortable when venturing outside.

That’s because the transition from Winter to Spring in the North East is strange, to say the least. The weather taunts us, with bitter cold temperatures one day, and beautiful, warm (again, anything above 45 degrees) temperatures the next. Then, of course, it usually likes to throw a snow storm in there just when you think you’ve made it through.

I know all of this. It happens every year. Yet for some bizarre reason, after we have only one or two consecutive days of “nice” weather, I still insist on gathering up all of my family’s winter coats, hats, gloves, sweaters, and boots, storing them neatly away for the next winter. And every year, after I do this, we get either a cold snap or a “Spring” snow storm.

Every. Single. Year.


It’s as if I think I have some sort of magical power; if I try hard enough and make my family start wearing Spring clothing, I can actually drive Winter away and convince Spring to arrive. Unfortunately, it seems that if I did have a magical power, it would be the ability to jinx all of us by putting my Winter garb away too early, creating more snow and cold weather.

Of course I know I don’t really have any sort of magical hold over the weather. If I did, it would only be cold and snowy the week before Christmas and the week after, and the rest of the year would be about 78 degrees and sunny, with a rainy day or two, once a month. And it would be awesome.

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