It’s a beautiful Friday at the end of June, yet I still can’t relax. I can’t relax because my children are still in school. My children are still in school because somewhere along the way, the powers that be decided upon the magical number of 180 days.

180 daysI don’t know how this number became the standard, but it did. It wouldn’t bother me so much if my children were actually learning for 180 days. But this far from the case.

Let me paint you a picture of how the last three weeks of school go for my kids. This year, between my two children, there has been/will be:

  1. Three field trips
  2. Field Day
  3. Four popsicle/pizza parties
  4. One visit from “Dave the Animal Man”
  5. A Flag Day Parade
  6. Pajama/Movie Day
  7. Kindergarten End of Year Performance
  8. Four assemblies

Now, my children love these things, as most kids would. But it makes me wonder why? WHY do I need to wake them up, get them dressed, make their lunches, and rush them out the door to get on the bus for all that? If they’re done learning, then let them be! Because it seems to me that at this point, the teachers and administration are just looking for things to fill the days.

Not only do my kids have all of these things going on, but the parents are asked to volunteer for them, and bring things in for them, and attend them. I’m all for helping out, but I do more in the first half of June than I do all year!

It’s not all bad, I suppose. I do appreciate the fact that I get at least a few days of nice weather to enjoy, kid-free. But the struggle during that last week (or month) of school is real.

180 days

All of this being said, I know for a fact that come late August, I’ll be singing a different tune. For now, I’m counting the hours until I don’t have to pack another school lunch.

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