mid-summerWell, I’ve hit that point in the summer where I’m kind of in a fog and have just about run out of steam. That’s right – I’ve got the mid-summer blues. It’s hot. I’m tired because my kids’ new bedtime is apparently 10 PM, which obviously means that I have to stay up until 12:30 to get in a decent amount of “me” time. The kids are tired because their new bedtime is 10 PM!  And a tired Mom can only take so much of the “I’m bored” and “She hit me!” and “He called me stupid!”

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the summer. We live in a coastal town with some beautiful beaches. I love going to the beach. My kids love going to the beach. But once the mid-summer blues set in, I only love it once we get there. Getting to the beach (or anywhere, for that matter) by mid-summer is nothing if not a struggle. Generally, one kids really wants to go, while the other claims that it’ll be “boring,” even thought they’ll undoubtedly have a great time and complain when it’s time to go home.

But what else am I going to do? I could sit at the house and stare blankly at all the things I need to be doing. Fold laundry? But the clean laundry basket is almost empty, so I might as well just wait another day or two until it’s completely empty so I can fill it with the dirty laundry.  Dishes? Nah. They’re just going to get dirty again when I cook dinner. Finish one of the many unfinished projects I’ve got going? Pass! Vacuum? Sweep? Well, this pretty much sums that up:

I could do those things, all the while breaking up fights because the kids aren’t getting along, or screaming at them for wrecking the room I just cleaned because they’re getting along a little too well.

Or I could go run errands. Because going to the grocery store (that’s ridiculously crowded in the summer because we live in a beach town) is always fun to do with kids who think that going to the beach is boring!

There’s the park, but as I mentioned before, it’s hot, and the shade of a tree just isn’t going to cut it. Plus the fact that, if you haven’t realized it by now, kids like to complain! A hot playground is like a breeding ground for new things for them to complain about. Hot slides, bugs, wood chips in their flip-flops. You get the idea.

You might think that air-conditioned places might be a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, that’s what every parent thinks, so everyone is in all those air-conditioned places. Not only do I have to pay for these places (which, again, will only be complained about by someone), I have to deal with the crowds in these places.

I know I must sound very ungrateful for being able to spend time with my kids over the summer, and yes I do understand the irony of the fact that I was complaining about school dragging on forever just over a month ago. Overall, I really do love the summer and my kids.

Of course I realize that there are a lot of Moms and Dads out there who have to work all summer, sending their kids to camp, and not being able to just pick up and head to the local beach or pool. But I also know that once it’s mid-summer, even the best Moms hit a wall.

When that happens, all you can do is hoist yourself up over that wall, stand up on top of that wall, take a deep breath, dive head-first into the pile of your complaining, whiny, ungrateful (but still adorable and amazing) kids, and school will be here before you know it.

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