mom bloggingIt’s been just over a year since I started Mom blogging (ugh… that word still makes me uncomfortable). Don’t worry – I’ll try to avoid words like “blogiversary” and other made up words like, well, like blog! Anyway, in the year since I started this…. thing, I’ve learned quite a bit.

The first thing I learned was that the internet can be a vast and frightening place. I guess I kind of always knew this, but starting a website and using various forms of social media has only solidified that fact. When I was younger, I thought I was fairly computer literate. Granted, the only computer I had as a child was a Commodore 64, and my first email address was through Telnet, but still.

As I age (gracefully, of course) my confidence in that arena wanes with each passing year. I’m nearly 37, but in computer and internet years, I would estimate that I’m about 98(ish). I can’t seem to keep up with the kids and their latest way of communication that in no way involves interacting with one another in real life.

So here are the things I’ve learned from Mom blogging (sorry!) over this past year (and some of the things I haven’t):

About Starting a Website

  • If you’ve never started a website before, it’s really not as easy as they lead you to believe. There are domain names, there are hosting sites, there’s WordPress. It definitely isn’t brain surgery, but if you aren’t at all familiar with any of it, it takes a bit of research to figure it out.
  • There are so many terms, like SEO, and Widget, and Plugin, and Bot (short for robot?) that I had never even heard of before starting a website. I’m going to be honest and say that I am still not 100% sure what any of these mean, but I think I fake it pretty well.
  • There are really annoying people out there who try to hack any website they can, for no real reason. Seriously, if you are trying to hack my Mom blogging website, then I feel a little sorry for you. And your parents.
  • Coming up with content on a weekly basis is HARD, and even more difficult in the summer months when the kids just won’t leave me aloneActually, perhaps I misspoke. Coming up with content isn’t difficult. I’m literally surrounded by content all day. It’s the writing it into coherent sentences that’s the hard part (i.e. I’ve been writing this post for over a month).

About Social Media

  • There are a LOT of Moms and Dads out there Mom blogging and Dad blogging, trying to get through the week using humor.
  • What works on Twitter will probably not work as well on Facebook (and vice versa).
  • People on Twitter like to laugh.
  • People on Facebook also like to laugh, but they like to comment on what they laugh about as well.
  • Some people don’t understand people like me who need to make jokes about parenting to get through the day. I haven’t experienced this personally, but I’ve seen other Moms and Dads get really angry comments on their pages when they make a joke about their kids. I think this is weird. To each their own, I suppose. If you can manage being a parent without making sarcastic jokes about it, then more power to you, but we probably can’t be friends.
  • I’m on Instagram, but I still don’t understand it.
  • I still don’t know what most of the internet-speak abbreviations mean. And I still don’t care.
  • There are many, many, many other social media platforms, like (and don’t quote me on this) Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Linkdin, and Vine that I will not even pretend to understand. Remember, I’m an old woman in computer/internet years.
  • For some reason, people find things funnier when they are in bold lettering on some sort of picture or colored background. These are called “memes.” I do not know what the word “meme” means or where it came from. I just go with it.

About Myself

  • As we have discussed my age in terms of technology, I may have to up that number a bit. I still need to physically write down any ideas that pop into my head before I type them. You know, with a pen. On paper.
  • I normally write in all capital letters, but as I scramble to get ideas written down before some kid (or husband) needs something from me, I’ve slipped in to writing in some form of cursive, mixed with capital and lower case print. If future generations find my notebooks, they’ll think I was either a highly intelligent 2nd grader, or some kind of serial killer.
  • I still think it’s weird to “meet” people on the World Wide Web, but I have actually “met” some pretty cool Moms and Dads in the past year… but it’s still weird.
  • I still can’t read something if there are a bunch of @’s and #’s in it. My eyes just kind of glaze over until I click to another page.
  • I really love to write (of course I knew that already, but having taken a break from it for so long, I kind of forgot how much I love it).

I’ve had a really great year delving into this crazy world of Mom blogging (shudder). It has let me use a creative muscle that’s been patiently lying in wait for the better part of a decade. It helps me laugh at myself, and laugh at all the stuff that goes along with being a parent (that doesn’t always seem so funny at the time).

It’s made me feel better about my parenting abilities, seeing that there are so many other Moms and Dads going through the same things. It’s given me comfort to know that I’m not alone, and while I sometimes feel like it, I’m not really screwing up my kids too much.

My only hope is that for those of you who read my posts (and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so), that you’re able to relate, laugh, and know that you are also not alone.

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