Decorating for the holidays can be a little tricky when you’re a Mom. I don’t need the perfectly decorated tree with the coordinating ornaments – I actually love all the hand-made decorations from my kids. But I could definitely do without the piles of laundry, and paper, and toys all over the place.

With little kids running around, the house is never fully put together. And on the off chance that you are able to miraculously put it together even just a little bit, it will be promptly disassembled the moment your precious little children set foot in it. It makes decorating for Christmas challenging. When my kids were smaller, I resigned myself to the this fact, but now that they’re a little bit older, I was hoping things might change.

I was wrong.

So this year I thought that maybe I could incorporate the mess into the festivities. It all started innocently enough with this one thought:

And then I got to thinking – what’s easier than folding a bunch of laundry? Why, stacking it into a make-shift Christmas tree and decorating it, of course!


Okay, I am fully aware that folding the laundry would have taken me way less energy than turning it into a Christmas decoration, but folding laundry isn’t nearly as entertaining.

I was planning on going through the entire house and decorating all the piles of things (because, trust me, there are a LOT), but after the initial laughter from my family at the sight of our laundry Christmas tree, they became less and less amused.

Eventually I got my act together and we got ourselves an actual, real live, not made of plastic baskets and cotton, Christmas tree. And I was able to clean the house just enough to get a picture of it.decorating

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