PTA MomI know what you must be thinking – this is going to be one of those posts where I’m about to rip into the PTA Mom who gives all of her time to organizing fundraisers for her kid’s school. How I’m a real, live person, separate from my children, and everything I do doesn’t have to revolve around them.

Well, you might be partially correct. I am a real, live person, separate from my children, and while I’d love to say that everything I do doesn’t revolve around them, I’d be full of crap if I did. Of course everything I do revolves around my kids! I’m a MOM! Right now, they have to come first (most of the time) because that’s the way life goes. I’ve come to terms with it, and guess what? I actually kind of enjoy it (again, most of the time).

For me, having my kids at the forefront of my life simply doesn’t translate into being a PTA Mom. When my oldest started school, I convinced myself that the reason I didn’t volunteer or go to PTA meetings was because I had another little one at home to take care of. Let’s face it, small children are the ultimate excuse to get out of doing things!

But once my youngest started school, I realized that the main reason I hadn’t made it to a single PTA meeting was simply because I didn’t want to. I wish I had a better excuse, but I don’t. I’ll admit, there have been times when my lack of involvement left me feeling just a wee bit guilty. But then I realized something.

Not everyone can be a PTA Mom!

It’s like that old saying, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” Too many cooks is a recipe for disaster. Not every single Mom can head up a fundraising committee, or volunteer to run the raffle table at every event, or run the book fair.

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate PTA Moms. Not even close. I don’t know why some people are so down on the super-involved PTA Mom, because I have to say – I LOVE PTA Moms! They’re the best! They do so much. So much that I, and other Moms just like me, don’t have any desire to do!

Volunteering is great and everything, but I feel like the Moms who choose to be in charge of these types of things actually enjoy it. It’s just not my cup of tea. Sure I’ve brought in the occasional fruit tray for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon, and baked the occasional cake for a fundraiser, and volunteered to help on Field Day, and donated a few dollars here and there. But I’ll be honest – that’s about as far as I’m willing to go.

And I refuse to feel guilty about it, because I’m sure that there are plenty of things I do for my kids that other Moms don’t do. We all do things for our kids that other people might not think to, or want any part of, but there is no point making other Moms feel bad about what you think might be too much or too little.

So for all the Moms who have never been to a PTA meeting, you are not alone, and you should in no way feel guilty about it.

And to all the Moms who are heavily involved in your school’s PTA – thank you! I know you spend a lot of time and effort organizing and raising money for the kids and their schools.

While you won’t find me heading up one of your committees, if you need a fruit tray, a cake, or an hour of volunteering every once in awhile, there are plenty of Moms just like me, ready and willing.

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