please come back

Dear School Year,

Please come back! I know what I said before, but I swear I didn’t mean any of it! I wasn’t in my right mind! I was in a stupor from chaperoning too many field trips, and I didn’t know what I was saying!!!

Please, please come back! I don’t know if I can take any more of the arguing, the whining, and the yelling – and that’s just from me. Add the kids into the mix, and it’s just too much.

I mean, I love the summer so much – no schedules, no expectations, no bedtime. But it has a habit of making two months seem like two centuries. I need you back, school year. I promise I’ll appreciate you this time! I won’t even complain about the forms I have to fill out, or packing lunches, or going to school functions. (I mean, I’ll probably complain a little bit, but can you really blame me?)

I just need some space from these kids. My house has been a complete disaster for eight weeks, and I don’t even bother trying to keep it clean any more. I need you, school year, so I can walk across the floor without stepping around piles of laundry, or over piles of toys and books. Please come back so my house can look like a house again, instead of a hoarder’s nightmare.

I know I didn’t appreciate you before, school year, but I swear this time will be different. Things won’t be perfect, but they’ll be better than they were before. I promise!!!

So if you’ll have me, school year, I’m here – ready, willing, and able. Just give me one more chance, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Until probably around October, when I’ve had enough of you again.


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