If you’re anything like me (and by that, I mean a procrastinator), then you haven’t started decorating your house for the fall season yet. I would love to decorate for every season and holiday that comes along, but as a busy Mom, it’s difficult to find the time. So I’ve come up with a few quick tips to decorate your home for the fall and Halloween in no time!

Fall Foliage

Did you have some fresh flowers in your house that you forgot to water, and now they’re dead? Or perhaps you have some flowers in a planter on the front porch that you forgot to water, so now they’re also dead. No problem! Just add a festive scarecrow or two and you’ll have a wonderful fall centerpiece with virtually no effort on your part!


Festive Fruits

Remember that squash you bought at the grocery store with every intention of cooking it and making it part of a well-balanced dinner? Is it still sitting on your kitchen table among the obscene amounts of apples you acquired when you took the kids apple-picking? Well then, you’re done! Consider your kitchen decorated!

Rustic Feel

Are you tired of sweeping all the dirt and dead leaves that the kids track in to the house? Well, now you don’t have to! Just leave it for an authentic, rustic ambiance that is sure to please. While you’re at it, leave the dust that’s covering all the tables and shelves. Nothing says “Autumn” more than that crunching beneath your feet and dust clouds in the air!



If you enjoy a spooky vibe as Halloween approaches, let nature do the work for you. Spiders are our friends, especially at this time of year. Just leave those creepy miracles of nature we call spider webs right where they are to delight the kids, and the kids at heart.

It’s that easy! All you need for a festive home this fall is some dead or dying flowers, rotting fruit, and lack of motivation to tidy up around the house. Your house is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!*


*Your house will not be the envy of the neighborhood. For some actual easy tips on decorating your home for the fall season, visit my friend Michelle over at Diamonds or Pearls!

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