If you’ve ever watched the show American Ninja Warrior, you know the amazing feats those athletes conquer week after week. It’s SO inspiring, and while there are Moms out there who actually go out and train to become Ninja Warriors, I am not that Mom. So for Moms like me, I’ve come up with a more doable obstacle course comprised of things we train for in our every day lives. Get ready for the next big thing. Do you have what it takes to become the next MOM NINJA WARRIOR?!

mom ninja

The Stair Haul – In this first obstacle, the Mom Ninja must haul a number of items up a flight of 16 stairs in one trip without dropping any of them. Objects will vary and can be anything from a vacuum cleaner, to a basket of laundry, to toys, to several pairs of shoes, to a small child clinging to her neck. Once she reaches the top of the stairs, she can move on to the next obstacle.

The Grocery Bag Grab – Next up, the Mom Ninja must carry eight full grocery bags from the car, making sure to close the trunk, into the kitchen, and up on to the counter in one trip. She can only use her own limbs, and cannot employ the aid of any hooks or contraptions that are supposed to make a Mom’s life “easier.”

Snack Talk & Walk – In this obstacle, Moms must quickly make a snack for a group of nagging, whining children while on an important phone call. This is a tricky one, because the Mom Ninja must not let on to the person on the other end of the phone call as to what she’s doing. That means no yelling at those kids. Here, Mom Ninjas have to be bold and really let those death stares fly.

Blindfold Tip Toe – Next, we have an obstacle that relies a lot on agility. While blindfolded, the Mom Ninja must make her way through a minefield of toys without stepping on, or tripping over, any of them.

Find the Blanket – For our last obstacle, it’s bed time and, as we all know, that is when children magically need a treasured blanket or stuffed animal or they will explode or something. Here, the Mom Ninja must enter a messy child’s room and find a predetermined object that a child has already “looked” for, and get it to their bed. Once that is done, she must then find and hit the buzzer that is hidden somewhere in the mess.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, you’re well on your way! Keep doing what you’re doing, and you could become the next MOM NINJA WARRIOR!

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