It’s finally Spring, according to the calendar, anyhow. While you may have the overwhelming urge to set fire to your house rather than do some Spring cleaning, try to resist it. With just a few easy touches, you can decorate your house for Spring to help you get out of that Winter funk. So open some windows to rid your home of that smell you can’t quite put your finger on, and let’s get decorating!


Step 1: Take down all remaining Christmas decorations.

Leaving that big red bow on your front door or mailbox may have gotten you through Valentine’s Day (it’s red, so it counts), but the time has come to take it down. Try replacing it with some fake springtime flowers from the dollar store. (Bonus tip: If you pick some flowers that are yellow, it could potentially get you right through to Thanksgiving!) Any lingering decorations you have set up around the house should come down as well, or at the very least, pushed behind something so they’re ready to go come December.

springStep 2: Easter decorations.

Nothing says Spring like Easter decorations. Colorful plastic eggs strewn all over the house, for no other reason than you brought them up from the basement and your kids felt the need to take every single one out of the box, intermingled with bright green Easter grass adds just the right amount of color to any space, which is sure to help chase those Winter blues away.

Step 3: Bring the outdoors in.


As the weather gets warmer, your kids will be spending more and more time outdoors. This also means they’ll be coming back indoors 50 million times for Lord knows what, tracking dirt, mud, bits of grass, and pebbles in with them. This is a great way to give your home a rustic feel, perfect for any springtime décor.

Step 4: Decorating outside.

As the kids spend more time outside, so do their outdoor toys. What says springtime more than bikes laying in the driveway, and balls, bats, rackets, Frisbees, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk haphazardly scattered about the lawn? Not much! Save yourself the headache of arguing with the kids to put everything away and just leave it be. It’ll let any passersby know that you and your family are ready for Spring!

Just using these few easy and helpful* tips will get you out of that Winter state of mind, and ready for Spring in no time! Happy decorating!

*These tips are not at all helpful. If you would like to read more unhelpful decorating tips, be sure to read, Decorating for Moms: a How-To Guide, and Moms Guide to Decorating for Fall.

If you want ACTUAL tips on how to decorate for Spring, check out my friends at Diamonds or Pearls for their post on how to create a beautiful Spring tablescape.

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