Summer is FINALLY here. Have your kids said that they’re “bored” yet? Haha, I’m just kidding! Of course they’ve said it! I’m not typically fond of buying new stuff just to entertain my kids during these hot months, but here are a few summer toys that I’ve found to be quite helpful in beating the heat, and the boredom.

summer toys

1. Rocket Copters

A friend of mine told me about these little gems last year, and I’m so glad she did. These are inexpensive (around $10) and seriously provide hours of fun. They’re perfect for any time of day, but are especially fun in the cooler evenings, because the LED lights look awesome as the copters fly through the sky. As far as summer toys go, this one is a great bang for the buck. Just be careful of letting the kids shoot them too close to the house; we still have a couple of them somewhere up in the gutters. Oops!

2. Water Blasters

During the last heat-wave, my kids were playing in the back yard as I sat there watching them, uncomfortably sweaty. I was going to suggest they have a water gun or water balloon fight (even though I should know better by now), but those things aren’t ideal for me. The water guns are difficult for them to refill without help, and I wasn’t in to that. The water balloons, EVEN the self-tying kinds, are a pain, from filling them up, to cleaning them up from the yard.

So, I suggested we head to the dollar store for some water blasters. All you need is a bucket of water, and the kids can easily suck the water up and dispense of it without you having to lift a finger. The only problem with the dollar store blasters is that they might break easily and quickly, leaving you to perform toy surgery. I found this one on Amazon that gets good reviews, and seems a little sturdier.

3. Tennis Balls

It’s such a simple thing, but it’s one of the best summer toys I can think of. Bring a tennis ball (or any ball, really) to the beach or out in the yard, and kids will find some sort of game to play with it. We live near the beach, and we always keep one in the beach bag for when I hear the word “bored” being uttered. It works every time.


4. Melissa & Doug Sand Toys

Speaking of the beach, Melissa & Doug have some really amazing toys, and their sand toys are no exception. I have to be honest and say I’ve never actually bought any of their sand toys, but that’s only because a lot of friends we meet at the beach have them. My kids are a bit older now, but many days I find them making “cupcakes” or “ice cream” with these toys alongside three and four year-olds. I love it!

5. Wood Handle Shovel

Everyone knows you need a shovel at the beach, but boy do I wish these shovels had been around when I was a kid. No more cheap little plastic shovels that break in five seconds. These are super sturdy, so they last year after year, and they can keep kids occupied for hours at the beach. Just give them one of these shovels and they’ll start digging. My kids and their friends have dug some pretty impressive holes! We are also frequently asked by strangers if they can use one to dig a hole to secure their umbrellas, so they help your fellow man as well!

6. Surfer Dudes Wave Powered Mini-Surfer & Surfboard

This is a new addition to our summer toys. I found it at a local toy store, and it is so cool! If you’re headed to the ocean this summer, this little surfer will entertain the whole family. You simply toss it into the waves, and it rights itself and surfs back to you like a little water boomerang. There are six different little characters, all with their own name and color.


7. Empty Seltzer Can or Any Other Garbage That Might be Laying Around

summer toys

Always a crowd-pleaser is garbage! Because what little kid doesn’t love to play with trash? You can save lots of money if you just provide your child with some bottle caps they find, or an empty cup, or soda can. Hours of fun for all!

I hope you found this list helpful and you got some good ideas for keeping your kids occupied until school starts! Happy Summer!

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