Ito-do love a good to-do list. If I didn’t write a to-do list every week, I would literally never get anything done, because I would completely forget that I had to do it in the first place. To be fair, I still don’t get much done, but at least I remember that I forgot to do it.

But one thing I’ve started to realize is that my to-do list is constantly being filled up by the same things over and over and over again. Pay this, pay that, fix this, buy this, and on and on. All of the time I spend with this repetitive writing, week after week and month after month, adds up quickly!

So I got to thinking – why not just type up a list containing all the things I need to do every week and month? This way, I can just print a new one out every time I need it, saving me precious time, allowing me to procrastinate doing all of the things on the list! It’s the ultimate mom hack! So, without further ado, here is the the Mom TruthBomb pre-filled to-do list!


You’ll notice that “laundry” makes the list multiple times – that is because that’s the number of times it takes me to get motivated enough to actually do the laundry. I didn’t find it necessary to include grocery shopping on the list because, for some reason, I end up at the grocery store every day no matter what.

I concluded the list with “everything else” because if I hadn’t, the list would have ended up being far too long for any one sheet of paper. Either way, you will never cross it out.

What else would YOU add to your perpetual to-do list?

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